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What Is Laser Gum Treatment?

Your gum health is important. Failure to care for them properly can result in serious problems, like oral cancer and gum disease. At The Dentist of Allen in Allen, TX, we use the latest laser technology to treat a wide array of gum (periodontal) problems. Our state-of-the-art laser helps our team perform more efficient treatment of the advanced stages of gum disease (periodontitis). We also use laser technology to perform exams that find cancer and pre-cancer of the mouth. Laser gum treatments may also be performed in some cosmetic dentistry procedures to sculpt the appearance of the gums. Make an appointment with our team to learn more about laser gum treatments.

What Should I Expect During A Laser Gum Treatment?

Laser gum treatment can be performed in our office and generally only requires local anesthesia. Additional sedation choices may be available if you experience anxiety or fear. Before your treatment, a member of our team will go over precisely what to expect during your specific procedure (treatment for periodontal disease, a dental biopsy, crown lengthening, etc.). The laser reduces bleeding and frequently eliminates the need for stitches.

We will provide you with post-treatment care instructions before you go home. Your mouth may be tender or swollen so you may want to stick to a liquid or soft food diet for a few days. For gum disease treatment or crown lengthening, you may need to make additional appointments so we can assess your progress and determine if another treatment is needed. If a biopsy has been performed, you might have to return to our office to get your results. If we discover the presence of oral cancer, we will go over your treatment options and next steps.

Very welcoming environment. Emily is the best hygienist ever! She always provides a very thorough cleaning. She is so personable, kind, and knowledgeable. I appreciate the care and honesty from all staff I’ve interacted with. They are also flexible and have easily accommodated me when I’ve needed to reschedule or push an appointment back. Would definitely recommend this place to a friend!

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Dr. Koelker & Patsy are the best!! I am confident & comfortable with Dr. Koelker & his team. The whole office works well together and as a patient you are informed of treatment options & treatment cost. Will continue to come here for dental care.

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My husband and I have been going to the Dentist of Allen for over 30 years. They are the best!! They use the latest technology and have dealt with all kinds of dental issues over the years. We trust them implicitly and highly recommend them.

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Emily was great! She was an awesome hygienist and super kind. All of the staff are great there and I would recommend this dentist to anyone who is looking for one!

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Shared with them that I’ve been a bit depressed lately, causing my teeth cleaning habits to diminish and she was incredibly understanding and respectful. She was gentle and engaged in really fun convo with me. Typically dentist offices just play like Christian radio which can get on my nerves. Thankfully that wasn’t the choice of music today and it made my experience much more enjoyable. Definitely recommend since this location seems to be a bit slower despite being directly off the highway.

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Safety and Precision

Our team utilizes an advanced laser system for efficient and effective restorative and cosmetic procedures. Whether you need treatment for gum disease, undergo an oral biopsy, or enhance the look of your smile, laser gum treatments result in faster visits and healing times. To learn more about laser gum treatments or to schedule an appointment, contact The Dentist of Allen in Allen, TX.

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How does laser gum treatment differ from traditional gum treatment?

Laser gum treatment offers a less invasive alternative to traditional methods like scaling and root planing. Instead of scraping away plaque and tartar with dental instruments, a precise laser targets and removes the infected gum tissue. This usually results in less bleeding and discomfort, often eliminating the need for stitches. Additionally, laser treatment promotes quicker healing and minimizes the risk of infection, making it an increasingly popular option for tackling gum disease and other periodontal issues.

Is laser gum treatment painful?

Most patients find laser gum treatment to be pain-free or minimally painful, especially when compared to traditional methods. Local anesthesia is used to numb the area, making the procedure more comfortable. The laser technology is designed to be gentle on the gums, reducing discomfort and speeding up the healing process.

What can I eat after laser gum treatment?

After laser gum treatment, you may need to stick to a soft-foods or liquid diet for a up to a week to facilitate healing and minimize discomfort. However, the exact time can vary depending on your individual case and the complexity of the treatment.

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