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What Is IV Sedation?

We offer intravenous (IV) sedation to help our Allen, TX patients enjoy a more comfortable dental experience. IV sedation may be used on patients who experience stress or fear about going to the dentist. This treatment uses anti-anxiety medication that is delivered directly into your vein to keep you calm and relaxed during your dental sessions. Although you are not really asleep throughout the procedure, the relaxation and short-term memory loss could make you feel as though you've been asleep. We can adjust the amount of medication, depending upon what you need, to ensure your safety. To learn more about IV sedation, contact The Dentist of Allen at your earliest convenience.

For those who suffer from moderate-to-significant anxiety when undergoing dental work or dental maintenance, IV sedation administered at The Dentist of Allen may be an excellent option for qualifying Allen, TX individuals. Benefits of this form of sedation at our dental office include:

  • Delivering anti-anxiety medicine directly to the vein
  • Fast-acting IV formulations
  • Allowing for crucial dental work to be performed without disruption
  • Creating a deep state of relaxation
  • A safer treatment than general anesthesia

Top candidates for IV sedation are those experiencing uneasiness about undergoing a comprehensive or more involved dental therapy. IV sedation dentistry helps you to receive the dental care you need without discomfort, anxiety, or fear. Prior to undergoing your dental procedure, we will speak with you regarding the many effective sedation options our clinic provides.

What Should I Expect During IV Sedation?

During IV sedation, a small needle will be placed in your vein and the medicine will be injected. You will start to notice the effects within a few seconds. We will then perform your dental procedure while simultaneously monitoring the IV levels. After the procedure is complete, the IV will be removed and you'll feel alert within a couple of minutes.

It is wise not to drive for at least 24 hours following IV sedation. It's recommended that you arrange for someone to pick you up from your dental appointment and take you home. You may feel tired for the rest of the day so we recommend that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and relax if possible. Some people become nauseous or experience memory loss, but these side effects typically subside within a day. If you notice any issues or if your symptoms persist, contact our office right away.

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Dr. Koelker & Patsy are the best!! I am confident & comfortable with Dr. Koelker & his team. The whole office works well together and as a patient you are informed of treatment options & treatment cost. Will continue to come here for dental care.

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Shared with them that I’ve been a bit depressed lately, causing my teeth cleaning habits to diminish and she was incredibly understanding and respectful. She was gentle and engaged in really fun convo with me. Typically dentist offices just play like Christian radio which can get on my nerves. Thankfully that wasn’t the choice of music today and it made my experience much more enjoyable. Definitely recommend since this location seems to be a bit slower despite being directly off the highway.

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Maximizing Your Comfort

Going to the dentist should be a pleasant, relaxing experience. With IV sedation, you can experience less anxiety during your visit to The Dentist of Allen. We are excited to offer this procedure so that our Allen, TX patients can remain comfortable and relaxed during their treatments. Contact our Allen, TX office to learn more about the benefits of IV sedation.

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How safe is IV sedation?
Dental IV sedation is considered safe when administered by a trained and experienced dental professional. However, there is always a small risk of complications, such as allergic reactions or adverse drug interactions. Patients at The Dentist of Allen should consider and discuss their medical history, allergies, and any medications they take with their dentist before undergoing IV sedation.
Will I be asleep during dental IV sedation?
No, IV sedation at our Allen, TX office does not typically cause complete unconsciousness. Instead, patients remain conscious and can usually respond to basic verbal commands. However, they may feel drowsy and relaxed, and may not remember much of the procedure afterward.
How should I prepare for IV sedation?
Patients should follow any instructions provided by The Dentist of Allen regarding eating and drinking before the procedure. They should also arrange for someone to drive them home afterward, as the sedative medication's effects can last for several hours.
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