Tooth-Colored Fillings (Composite Fillings for Dental Cavities) in Allen, TX

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What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Cavities, one of the most common dental problems, happen when your enamel erodes. Cavities used to be filled with a mixture of metals, including silver or mercury. We now know that amalgam fillings do not adhere very well to the teeth and that mercury can be dangerous to your health. At The Dentist of Allen, we use tooth-colored fillings made with a composite resin to fill and protect cavities. Our team in Allen, TX can also remove old metal fillings and replace them with tooth-colored fillings for a safer and better-looking solution to filling cavities.

What Should I Expect from Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Getting a filling at The Dentist of Allen is usually a simple treatment. The treatment area will be numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. Other forms of sedation can be included to deal with fear or anxiety. Once you're prepared, the decayed enamel is removed using a dental drill that we will select based on the location of the cavity and the amount of decay. Once the enamel is treated and the tooth is cleaned, the cavity will be filled with the composite resin and allowed to set. We will then polish the composite resin so it matches your other teeth.

You will be able to return to your normal day after your tooth-colored filling is done, but you may have some sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures for several days. You can use over-the-counter pain relief medication to treat discomfort or inflammation, but you shouldn't have any major problems. If after a few days the filling feels uneven or high, please call us. Your filling can be kept clean by following a regular home care routine, including daily flossing and brushing. We will check your filling during your annual exam to determine if it should be repaired or replaced at any point.

Took my kids here for the first time. The office staff was friendly and quick. Our wait time was little to none and they have late hours so the kids don’t miss school!

K.B. Facebook

I love the thorough cleanings and professional care I receive here. I couldn't ask for a better dentist and am very glad my family chose to come here. I recommend this office 100% and some. See you in 6 months.

K.L. Google

I have been going to David and Dr. Kim since 1986. He is the only dentist I will let touch my mouth. They are honest and they will always be up front with me. I really like the girls in the front office also. He hires the best!!! Their prices are the same as other dentists. The equipment is state of the art. I like the way they decrease the pain of any shots that has to be put in my mouth. Do you want to pay for dental work that will have to be redone in a few years? If you do, do not go to this office. They always use the best and the most cost effective treatment.

T.D. Facebook

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, it’s an easy process from start to finish. The dental hygienists are awesome, and do a great job. I have seen both dentists there and I would recommend them both, Dr. Koelker and Dr. Kim. The front office staff does a lot to make sure I am able to schedule and change appointments if needed, and have even reached out after hours via text to double check my insurance several nights before my appointment, to see if I needed to switch to private pay to make sure I wasn’t potentially billed beyond my limits. That’s great service.

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Yes I recommend The Dentist of Allen. Both my wife and I have been patients for close to 20 years. We both think Dr Kim is great, along with the rest of the staff.

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A Natural-Looking Alternative to Fillings

Cavities start small, but it's crucial to have them treated before they develop into a more expensive (and painful) issue. The Dentist of Allen can fix small areas of tooth decay with dental fillings. We match the fillings to the shade of your teeth so you can have a healthy, attractive smile. If you suspect you have a cavity, contact our office to schedule a dental examination.

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