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Dental Bridges (Fixed, Removable Denture Restorations) in Allen, TX

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What Are Dental Bridges?

If one or a few of your teeth are missing, it's more than just a cosmetic problem — gaps in your teeth may cause your remaining teeth to shift out of place. This can lead to unnecessary tension when you bite, pain when chewing, or even difficulty speaking. A bridge restores the appearance and health of your mouth by filling in spaces with a false tooth that is supported by crowns, dental implants, or both. The Dentist of Allen in Allen, TX offers bridges that are custom-made with high-quality materials to help restore your beautiful smile. If you have one or more teeth missing, please schedule a consultation to get more information about your treatment options with a custom dental bridge.

Dental bridges offer numerous benefits for patients needing to replace missing teeth and refresh their appearance and oral wellness. Dental bridges from The Dentist Of Allen in Allen, TX may:

  • Reinstate improved speaking and chewing proficiency
  • Optimize your smile's look by covering gaps
  • Hinder existing teeth from shifting out of position
  • Deliver bite forces equally to support your natural teeth
  • Support the muscles of the face, maintaining a more vibrant look
  • Support the standard outline of your face
  • Improve self-esteem and increase overall well-being
  • Provide a resilient and long-lasting tooth replacement remedy
  • Require minimal upkeep

What Should I Expect from Dental Bridges?

After your teeth are filed down, we will take digital x-rays and dental impressions so your custom bridge can be created. If needed, a temporary bridge or restoration can be placed while your custom one is crafted. As soon as your dental bridge is ready, your mouth will be numbed with local anesthesia. Other anesthesia or sedation options may be used for anxiety or trouble with a gag reflex to keep you calm during the procedure. Your custom bridge can be glued into place or attached to dental implants based on the method you chose at your consult. We then adjust the fit of your bridge so it is comfortable in your mouth and remains in place.

Once your bridge is in place, you should see a noticeable improvement in the appearance and function of your teeth. You may need a second visit at The Dentist of Allen to adjust the fit of your bridge if it becomes loose or uncomfortable. Our team will give you tips for caring for your bridge. It is critical that you keep your bridge and mouth clean to prevent cavities. With proper care, your custom bridge may last for many years. We will check the wear and health of your bridge during routine visits.

Great place, got my all on 4 dentures and love it, been coming since the 90s!! Never had a complaint and they give the most gentle shots.

G.W. Google

Great Care! - I always receive great care and excellent service. My teeth cleanings leave my teeth very clean. The doctors, especially Dr Kim, and staff are very caring people. I love my dental hygienist, Laura, who always does a great job!

E. Healthgrades

I've been coming to the Dentist of Allen for a year now and I can't say enough good things about the front staff, the doctors and my dental hygienist, Laura, who is just takes her time to clean your teeth correctly and leaves your teeth very clean. Thank you for the great service and care!

E.C. Google

Fast, efficient, friendly and thorough. Has new technology making cleaning easy and painless. Don't try to push un-needed services on you, but looks at areas that may need work in the future and makes you aware.

G.H. Google

The staff is always friendly and helpful! I had a wonderful experience getting my teeth cleaned.

C.J. Google


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Dental Bridge Restorations

You may not mind how you look with a missing tooth, but it may lead to long-term problems if you don't seek treatment. Make an appointment with The Dentist of Allen to get more information about bridge restorations and what options will fit your specific needs. We are proud to offer high-quality dental restorations that can improve the appearance and health of your mouth. Contact our office in Allen, TX to schedule your consultation.

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How are dental bridges installed?

The process begins with filing down your teeth, followed by digital x-rays and dental impressions to create your custom bridge. A temporary bridge may be used while your custom one is being crafted. Once ready, the bridge is either glued into place or attached to dental implants, ensuring a comfortable fit in your mouth.

How do I care for my dental bridge?

Maintaining oral hygiene is crucial. Regular cleaning of the bridge and mouth is important to prevent cavities. The Dentist of Allen provides guidance on caring for your bridge and will check its wear and health during routine visits.

How long do dental bridges last?

With proper care, dental bridges can last many years. However, the longevity varies depending on individual habits and oral hygiene. The Dentist of Allen monitors the condition of your bridge and advises on any necessary adjustments or replacements.

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