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What Is Laser Teeth Whitening?

There are many factors that can cause your teeth to become discolored, such as drinking dark liquids and consuming staining foods, along with smoking or chewing tobacco. To help eliminate stains and restore your enamel, The Dentist of Allen offers laser teeth whitening to help you feel confident in your smile. This is a fast cosmetic treatment that can effectively whiten your teeth multiple shades in one appointment. Let our team in Allen, TX create a customized treatment plan to give you a brighter smile.

What Should I Expect During A Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Laser teeth whitening is an in-office procedure that does not require anesthesia, but sedation may be used if you suffer from anxiety or have a strong gag reflex. Your teeth will be cleaned and dried prior to treatment so that the whitening gel can be evenly applied. A protective barrier will then be applied over your gums, and you'll also be given protective eyewear. We then apply a professional-strength whitening gel to your enamel and expose your teeth to the light. The light and gel work together to remove stains. Based on your existing enamel shade and desired goal, you may need a few treatments. Once your treatment is done, the remaining gel and gum barrier will be removed before your mouth is rinsed.

Unless sedation was used, you should be able to leave after your procedure. You should avoid products that may stain your teeth, including lipstick, coffee, and tobacco products, for at least two days following your treatment. You may experience sensitivity to cold and hot for a few days. To maintain your results, brush your teeth after consuming staining foods or using tobacco and maintain a regular oral hygiene routine. You can schedule additional whitening treatments as needed.

Took my kids here for the first time. The office staff was friendly and quick. Our wait time was little to none and they have late hours so the kids don’t miss school!

K.B. Facebook

I love the thorough cleanings and professional care I receive here. I couldn't ask for a better dentist and am very glad my family chose to come here. I recommend this office 100% and some. See you in 6 months.

K.L. Google

I have been going to David and Dr. Kim since 1986. He is the only dentist I will let touch my mouth. They are honest and they will always be up front with me. I really like the girls in the front office also. He hires the best!!! Their prices are the same as other dentists. The equipment is state of the art. I like the way they decrease the pain of any shots that has to be put in my mouth. Do you want to pay for dental work that will have to be redone in a few years? If you do, do not go to this office. They always use the best and the most cost effective treatment.

T.D. Facebook

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, it’s an easy process from start to finish. The dental hygienists are awesome, and do a great job. I have seen both dentists there and I would recommend them both, Dr. Koelker and Dr. Kim. The front office staff does a lot to make sure I am able to schedule and change appointments if needed, and have even reached out after hours via text to double check my insurance several nights before my appointment, to see if I needed to switch to private pay to make sure I wasn’t potentially billed beyond my limits. That’s great service.

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Yes I recommend The Dentist of Allen. Both my wife and I have been patients for close to 20 years. We both think Dr Kim is great, along with the rest of the staff.

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A Brighter, Whiter Smile

In-office laser teeth whitening at The Dentist of Allen can easily remove years of stains and discoloration, and we can personalize your treatment to fit your needs. Get in touch with our team in Allen, TX for more information and to schedule your appointment.

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